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      The price of our basic package involves two things. 1) Web Site development, this is a $100 one time charge. This includes up to 2 hours of web site design. If more than 2 hours are used, each additional hour will be billed at $40 an hour. Once the web site is designed, the cost then is hosting. The price for hosting is $10 a month. We request that our clients pay either six months or a year at a time.

      Once the site is setup and running, all site maintenance will be charged at $40 per hour. Monthly invoices will be sent out for each month that the site has been worked on or updated.

      For the low price of $160 you too can have a web site designed and hosted for 6 months. If you already have a website but would like us to host it there is a $15 setup fee, and the hosting fee of $10 a month.

Your $10 a month Hosting Fee gets you:
2MB of Web Space.
Your own address-
1 E-mail account-

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