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"Le Savauge Huron"
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"Blackfoot Thunder Dreamer"
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"The Guardian of the Five Nations"
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"The Woodsman"
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"Along The Susquehanna"
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Growing up in an artistic environment I was constantly surrounded by american history and western art. At an early age I became aquainted with the great illustrators like Wyeth, Cornwell and Dunn as well as Western artist Charlie Russell. They in turn facinated me by thir colorful depictions of the Plains and Eastern indians as well as a healthy dose of "Daniel Boone" each week. As a kid growing up in Oregon's Willamette valley eons away from Boone, Blackfish, Girty and the Kentucky middle ground, I never the less spent many a saturday afternoon prowling the Kentucky middle ground in my backyard with my trusty broom handle for a long gun and whatever had the misfortune to look anything like Fess' coonskin cap for a hat! My love of art and history has long since merged, inspiring me as an artist and illustrator.

I work in oils, graphite pen & watercolors, I have originals as well as prints for sale, and usually have a limited amount of unframed pencil or pen sketches for sale at moderate prices. Commission work is gladly accepted!

All pictured images are available as prints: on white stock $20, on watercolor paper $30, price does not include a shipping & handling charge of $5.

Call or email today for a price list of available originals.

Jeff Prechtel Studio
78 'D' Street
Creswell OR, 97427
Prechtel Fine Art: 541-895-2678
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